Partnership1.jpgA tribute to Power Partners

Wherever the global competition is, you see opportunity.

Whenever the thousands of similar products are, you choose quality.

Whatever the hundreds of brands are, you put trust on us.

                         Plate-Top is indeed proud to be associated with you.

Partnership75.jpgSpecial Price Request

Besides the high quality, Plate-Topis dedicated the special price to the partners.

Partnership2.jpgWhy Plate-Top?


Quality is the foundation stone of Plate-Top brand and a basic requirement to the global competitiveness. Plate-Top will never exaggerate the 

 importance of a spring, a rack, a motor or the structure.We work down-to-earth and meticulously from choosing a screw.


                      Though the Cantilever CNC cutting machines have been widely applied in the cutting field, less knows the first designer is from Plate-Top. 

                      To provide new advanced  Cantilever CNC cutting machines continuously to our customers, Plate-Top has just begun.


                      How to choose one among the thousands of similar products? Plate-Top is focused on the smoother operation, better quality, and more durable 

                      performance. By applying our technology of cantilever structure and CNC cutting, improve the machines, improve cutting performance, and improve 

                      the public image of Made in China.