The Judgment of high quality portable CNC cutting machine



Since the year of 2007, the new product, portable CNC cutting machine, was launched from China. 5 years past, thousands of similar models have been spread in the global market. However, how to identified the high quality machines?

Since it is the cantilever construction, the material using is the most important to check machines quality.

1.The thickness of the material in the central unit.

2mm is the standard material and applying in the most of the portable CNC cutting machines. But, the cutting quality is not so good and lifetime is short. Plate-Top made the development of the cantilever construction and quipped 4mm thickness material. The new machines upgraded the quality and the movement is much more stable.

2.Check the parts inside

The parts like relay and electromagnetic should be genuine original parts, well-know brand which to keep the durable performance. But, many copy ones or unknown brand parts were equipped inside which caused many troubles. Plate-Top only choose the genuine original parts, well-know brand to keep the high quality machine.

Last two points will surely improve the products quality. Please check the http://www.platetop.com/Quality.html for the details. To improve the quality, everyone knows the solution and few suppliers would like to increase the cost. Only Plate-Top increased their own cost on quality and provide favorable price to you. Knowing more details of Plate-Top, please visit http://www.platetop.com. Thanks for your attention for Plate-Top

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